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  • C3 Batch 17

    Price: 6300

    Duration: 5 months

    Time: 4 PM to 6 PM

    Date: 3-2-2018 to 24-6-2018

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Ongoing Batch

  • C3 Batch 16

    Price: 6300

    5 months

    4 PM to 6 PM

    22-7-2017 to 26-11-2017

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JLPT N3 (Advance)

Course Fee: 6300
Course Details

JLPT N3 home study course is the upper intermediate course for those who already completed JLPT N4 course or certification. We start with a short review of JLPT N4 and around 600 Kanji (Chinese letters) in this correspondence course. The student has to master the intermediate elements of grammar and 3000 words, has the ability to take part in official conversation in Japanese and to listen, read, write and speak sentences in Japanese.

Eligibility: Those who have basic knowledge of English and Knowledge of JLPT N4 are essential.

Recorded Class Videos:
You can watch HD quality Recorded Class videos only after 48 hrs from live streaming.

Delivery charge of Rs. 3000 is applicable for students outside India.