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Hayakawa Completes 10 Years in Chennai

  • Hayakawa Japanese Language School and Cultural Centre, Chennai. Established in April, 2005, Hayakawa has slowly made its name well known and has transformed itself into the magnificent learning institute that attracts people around the world if their objective is a good education in Japanese the Language of Land of the rising sun - Japan.

    On 25/04/2015 marks its 10th year since establishment. The 10th Anniversary celebrations started at 1 PM and Hon. Ms. Kayoko FURUKAWA, Consul, Culture/Information & Development Affairs, Consulate of Japan at Chennai, graced the occasion with her presence and delivered the presidential address.

    With around 125 batches of students completed, ranging from basic levels to advanced levels, Hayakawa has become one of the most prominent Language schools, and mind you, the only language institute that has a capable enough Sensei to teach the highest level of Japanese in India. The overwhelming response from students who eagerly register for the courses is what has made Hayakawa what it is today. And what a decade it has been for this Japanese Language institute.

    Walking up to class, meeting the crowd as you do, having a chat with the sensei after class is done, and sitting down in the office just for the feeling it gives are just a few of the things which make Hayakawa, “Hayakawa”.

    Article By - Skanda

    For more details visit www.hayakawa.in or contact: +91-93810 55855.

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