Japanese Management Training - JMAT

What is JMAT?

JMAT - Japanese Management Training program conducted by Hayakawa Japanese Language School &

Cultural Center, Chennai.

We conduct Quality related Technical Training programs, as

1. Open Training Program once in a month in our Chennai premises

2. Conduct Training in the venue of client organization or in a venue of their choice, as per their Training Calendar

We conduct Training Programs to various levels –from operator to CEO; in English as well as in Tamil.

We also conduct Soft skill Training.

Training Topics

We do training in the following areas as of now. Enquiries are welcome regarding the following areas for

Training in the client venue.




Six sigma

Lean Management,

5 S

Statistical Process Control (SPC)-concepts thru games.,

I.C. ENGINES (in Tamil for first line associates)

Cost of poor quality (COPQ),

Measurement System Analysis (MSA),

Occupational Safety

Addressing Trade Union leaders (regarding Modernization)


Geometric Dimensions & Tolerances

Operational Excellence

Train the Trainer

Creative Solution Generation


Emotional Intelligence.

About JMAT Facilitator

Prof. J.Srinivasan, is a post Graduate in Mechanical Engineering as well as in Management. He

has multifunctional exposures (shop floor, Teaching, Training), including twelve plus years of

exposure in Training (mostly Technical/Quality related); conducted Training for employees of 85

plus organizations in Tamil and in English; participants range from helpers to Top Management.

He has trained more than 6500 employees as of now.

Facilitator has proven literary sense.  He is a Competent Communicator in Toastmasters

International. His credo is “LEARNING SHOULD BE-FUN” and “Training must have an eye on


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