Eco learning

Hayakawa is focussed on implementing an Eco system by constantly adopting numerous unique and  innovative technologies. Eco-Learning is our initiative to reduce not only use of paper, plastic and carbon emission, but also to pass on the benefit of lowest fee guarantee to the students. 

List of Eco-Learning initiatives

1. Gift Your Books Scheme

As a part of our Eco-Learning initiative, we have rolled out Gift your Books scheme. Under this scheme, students who have completed our courses can introduce a friend or a family member to register for our courses. Persons who join our courses under this scheme can avail of special discount in the fees, if they make use of the textbooks and other materials gifted by the introducer.

This is another attempt from our side to incentivize frugal use of paper and printing material. We believe that even a small measure as this will go a long way in saving our environment.

To gift your material please send mail to

2. Only-Fees scheme

If you are a former student of Hayakawa and want to attend the same level classes again you just have to pay  the Tuition Fee alone. You can save on the material cost which will help us minimize the use of paper for printing.

To know more about Only Fees Scheme please contact 9381055855 or

3. Eco Friendly Bags

Hayakawa materials carry bag is a 100%  Eco friendly product which can be reused, recycled and is biodegradable.

4. Dust Free Classrooms
Hayakawa class rooms are Dust free and we use odourless, Non-Toxic Eco friendly high quality Whiteboard Markers.

5. Paperless Test

C-JAT (Comprehensive Japanese Test) is a state of the art paperless test which completely eliminates the use of paper. 

6. Rooftop Garden

Hayakawa Rooftop garden is based on organic soil-less container vegetation concept. Our rooftop garden provides us fruits, vegetables and flowers apart from temperature control,  habitats for bees & birds, recreational activities and in a small scale it may even have ecological benefits.

Hayakawa Rooftop garden consists of plants like Holy Basil (tulasi), Adenium and Ixora coccinea (Thetti). Depending on the season we plant vegetables like Okra, Brinjal, Tomoto, Bush beans, Carrot, Radish, chilly etc. We also have fruit trees like Guava, Sweet lime, Lemon, Pomegranate, Jamun etc. 

7. Solar Power

Hayakawa is powered by green and clean energy from its rooftop solar panels. The excess power generated will be connect to the public grid.

8. Waste Recycling

We recycle all our kitchen waste into useful plant manure using organic waste composter. Composting is a simple process of breaking down the food waste in the presence of air, using micro organisms and small insects present in nature. The end product is called compost which is rich in readily usable plant nutrients forming a part of healthy soil.

9. Green Building Concept
Hayakawa building is designed in such a way that less energy is consumed for illumination and ventilation. We also use most energy efficient appliances to reduce power consumption.

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