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Language Barrier If India has not already taken advantage of the situation, the problem lies with the language. Knowledge of Japanese language is indispensable for working in Japan or for outsourcing. Very few Indians know the language. -Business Line
Business For Japan, business is where India is! - The Financial Express
Students IJapan Keen to Have More Indian Students. -Bio-Medicine
It is encouraging that the number of Indian students taking up Japanese studies in India is increasing.
Planning Commission of India
Engineering Professionals Now, Indian engineers can easily get a job in Japan. - Economic Times
IT Professionals HCL trains over 50 per cent of its employees in Japanese language and has two distinct sets of people handling technology and communications aspects. Those focusing on technology implementation are trained in basic spoken Japanese while those dealing with communications and marketing learn advanced Japanese. – Business Line
Pharmacists Indian Pharma makes an in road into Japan
The over $60bn Japanese pharmaceutical market is suddenly waking up to the Indian Pharma sector. –
CII - Technology & IPR Department
Biotechnology India will figure prominently in Biolink Forum 2007. - Business Line
Hotel & Tourism India, Japan strengthen ties with India Tourism conference. – EH
English Lectures English sees them through to Japan. – The Hindu
Japanese firms hungry for Indian recruits Faced with the shortage of human resources in the IT industry, Japanese Corporations are planning to recruit Indian professionals by offering salary equivalent to Japanese market standards… – Rediff News
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