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Hayakawa's Learn Japanese Textbook
The main textbook, Nihongo Kyokasho: Hayakawa's Learn Japanese JLPT Level 4 Text Book has been developed and written in-house by a team of Professional Native Japanese teachers at S&N Hayakawa Enterprises. The book is based on our experience of teaching Japanese to all streams of engineering/science graduates and is structured making it concise and easy to understand leading to effective learning. All the settings and situations made use of in the book are taken out from the daily occurrences in actual life.

This makes it easy to acquire better vocabulary as well as to improve the daily conversational skills in same or similar situations in workplace, school, college, home, theatre etc.

Hayakawa's Learn Japanese book contains three different characters used in day to day Japanese Language - Hiragana, Katakana and about 140 Kanji characters required for JLPT Level 4. There are 20 lessons in the text book which are in conversation pattern and the learner can practice the same on their day to day activities. The conversation is designed to be between Japanese people and the Indians. Hayakawa's Learn Japanese Text Book is best suited for Indians learning Japanese language. Following subjects have been handled in the book:

  • Introductory Greetings
  • Conversation in a School
  • Conversation in a Shop/ Commercial establishment
  • Conversation in an Apartment
  • Conversation while traveling
  • Dealings with colleagues and the like


The grammar has also been explained in detail in each lesson so as to enable the readers practice Japanese grammar in their conversations. Exercises for practice are given to make the learner understand the proper usage of Japanese words. Vocabulary list covering 800 Japanese words useful for basic conversation and simple sentence formation is also given in the text book.

Hayakawa's Learn Japanese CD
Hayakawa's Learn Japanese interactive multimedia CD teaches you not just tourist phrases, but also 800 vocabularies, Japanese alphabets (Hiragana & Katakana) and 139 Kanji (Chinese characters) with correct stroke order, Lip movement and Pronunciations by Professional Native Japanese teachers in simple manner.

Hayakawa's Learn Japanese CD ROM contains over 165 digital pages, plus 800 words and phrases spoken by Professional Native Japanese Teachers. The emphasis is on all Read, Write, Listen and Speak Japanese language, meaning that Hayakawa's Learn Japanese teaches all Read, Write, Listen and Speak Japanese language.

The interactive design is not a mere "static" course that plays like a cassette; constant student response is necessary and this holds the student's attention and improves retention of new material.

System Requirement
Microsoft Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista
Colour Display
Sound Card
CD Drive

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